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Physis Life was born in 2010 after a long engagement of its partners in the business world from a different perspective. Olive and its products are not just a commercial product, but also depict and define the values of its founders. 

The love for nature and for natural products that it generously offers, combined with the best quality of olive in the world, has also been the inspiration for the company name.

The network of suppliers- partners of the company was chosen using strict criteria, and focusing on ensuring the high quality of its products, which was based on the customers’ satisfaction. As a result, it was an extremely lengthy process in order to secure and preserve the desired outcome and quality.

All suppliers have the necessary certification requirements (ISO, HACCP etc), in order for the product to be classified as high quality, while strict controls, throughout the production process with respect to the environment and the fruits it offers, are prerequisite in order to ensure the cooperation and delivery to the customer of excellent quality products.

The organization of the company has been structured upon the most modern methods and concepts, focusing on customer’s satisfaction. For this reason, all parts are designed in order to provide, ensure and monitor high quality products with respect to its people and its customers.

In addition to the  Vitae product line, Physis Life undertakes for you:

-Special and customized Orders: having developed a broad and reliable network of partners, we are able to propose solutions and present specific proposals as far as olive oil is concerned. The flexible and modern structure allows us to undertake equally small, but also large and demanding tasks and projects.

-Private Labels: our company has repeatedly undertaken the creation of private labels in order to serve its clients abroad. Production is possible under the conditions and needs of each partner, ensuring quality and credibility. Specialists and other partners are always available to solve any doubts or questions over the entire range of its tasks and at any point of the production process.

-Luxury Products: specific proposals aimed exclusively at businesses and companies that want to stand out and offer their customers special and original gifts. The excellent quality of our products gives you the opportunity to leave all the usual options and really stand out among your partners and customers. Please contact us to send you ideas and suggestions.

For more details, suggestions or to express your needs do not hesitate to contact us.